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Common Barriers to Weight Loss

What stands between you and your goal weight? These are some of the most common road blocks that you're likely to confront on your weight loss journey.

Emotions and Weight Loss - Get Past Your Barriers
Have you heard of emotional eating? How often do you eat to feel better? Find healthier ways to manage your emotions so that they don't cause problems on your weight loss journey.

Overcome 3 Common Weight Loss Barriers
The first step to overcoming your weight loss barriers is to identify them. These are the three most common roadblocks that dieters confront. Learn how to get past them.

Physical Barriers to Weight Loss
Is there a physical or medical reason that your weight loss program has stalled? Check this list of common physical barriers to weight loss. Then learn the strategies you can use to get past the roadblocks and reach success.

Environmental Barriers to Weight Loss Success
The world around you might be making you fat. Find out how your work space, your home space and other elements of your environment can affect your diet.

Diet Fatigue: When Losing Weight Causes Stress
Dieting can cause stress. Stress can cause weight gain. See the problem? Learn how to manage the stress and fatigue that comes with weight loss so that you can reach your goals.

How To Change Your Diet Type To Lose Weight
What type of dieter are you? If you don't know, you should find out. Changing your diet type might help you reach the weight loss goal that you've set.

How to Sleep Better to Lose Weight
Your sleep habits may affect the food choices you make during the day. Learn how to sleep better to eat a healthy diet and lose weight.

Motivate Me! 4 Habits You Must Change Now
Weight loss takes a long time. It's hard to stay motivated for the duration of the process. Learn the motivational strategies that the pros use to stay on track and reach your goals.

Why Can't I Lose Weight During Marathon Training?
Did you sign up for a marathon with the intention of losing weight during training? Sometimes, runners line up at the starting line heavier than when they started training. Find out why and learn how to make your running goals an effective weight loss strategies.

Am I Addicted to Sugar?
Sugar addiction can cause your weight loss program to spiral downward. Are you addicted? Find out by answering these three questions.

Cope With These 5 Weight Loss Saboteurs
Your family may hinder your weight-loss efforts, but that doesn't mean you'll fail. Here's how to cope.

How Your Pals Can Help or Hinder Weight Loss
Sometimes even your most well-meaning friends can do your dieting efforts more harm than good. Learn how to deal. Plus, brush up on the basics of buddying-up.

Why Do We Give Into Emotional Eating?

Before you can understand how to cope with emotional eating, you must first learn why it is a problem in the first place.

What is Emotional Eating?
Learn more about what emotional eating is and find out if you possess characteristics of an emotional eater.

Top 5 Weight Loss Readiness Factors
Weight loss should be attempted only when you are truly ready to make the necessary lifestyle changes.

How To Cope With Cravings

Learning how to handle cravings is an important part of successful weight loss and maintenance.

Women, Stress, and Weight Regain
Learn how stress affects women's weight loss efforts.

Getting Enough Sleep May Aid Weight Loss Efforts
Learn how getting enough sleep can aid your weight loss efforts and get tips on how to sleep better.

How to Stick to New Year's Resolutions
Here are a few things that I suggest you "resolve" instead of simply saying, "I'm going to lose weight this year!"

Learn to Recognize Hunger Signals
Learn to recognize hunger signals in order to prevent emotional eating.

Identify Your Emotional Eating Triggers
Learn how to identify your emotional eating triggers.

Prevent and Cope with Emotional Eating
With a few coping skills and strategies to stop it before it starts, you can learn how to prevent and cope with emotional eating.

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