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South Beach Diet Facts You Need to Know


Updated February 24, 2016

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South Beach Diet Plan - Facts
South Beach Diet Super Charged
South Beach Diet

Are you considering The South Beach Diet for health or weight loss? The diet program first became popular in 2003 when preventative cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatson published The South Beach Diet book in 2003. Since that time the program has been modified to reflect current research and health trends. But myths and misunderstandings about the diet persist.

Before you invest in the South Beach Diet, be sure to get the most current facts and guidelines. You can visit the South Beach Diet website or read any of Dr. Agatston's more recent books including South Beach Diet Supercharged (2008) or South Beach Diet Gluten Solution (2014). But there are seven facts, in particular, that you should know before you choose this diet plan.

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