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Low-Carb Snacks

The Holiday Season vs. Your Waistline Page 2

  • Can they get that to go? Playing host or hostess? While the guests are mingling, pack up left-overs in portable "doggie bags" for them. If you get the left-overs out of the house, how can you overeat from them later on?
  • Keep on journaling. Keeping a food journal can be one of the most effective weight loss tricks for everyone, regardless of the diet or eating plan you're following. It keeps you honest with yourself. Many of us get selective memories every now and again about what - and how much - we eat, and this eating amnesia is very likely to occur during the holiday season. Whether you're stressed out taking care of family and guests, or relaxing in the bliss of a mid-winter vacation, either way you're likely to tell yourself you "deserve" whatever you want to it, it's just part of the package. But you don't deserve to set yourself up for failure. All things in moderation? A food diary will help you moderate.
  • Move it! Don't let a beautiful day pass you by without taking a walk outside. Don't just watch everyone dance, join in; après Turkey day shopping on the calendar? Park far away (you'll probably have no choice!), take the steps instead of the elevator and "explore" a new mall from one end of the other instead of following the directory. Just be sure to take along your sneakers. Incorporate extra walking wherever you can on your shopping extravaganza - then your credit cards won't be the only thing getting a workout!
  • If you booze it, you won't lose it. So, you've heard the phrase "beer belly" for years, but you've never stopped to think about where it comes from? It's not an old wives' tale - alcohol can be very fattening. Whether you're downing a shot, a glass of wine or a pitcher of beer, those empty calories are going to add up. Drinking will not quell your appetite; in fact, it may loosen up your determination and cause you to binge on foods you might have never touched sober. If you do choose to imbibe, try making some switch-offs, like downing a wine spritzer instead of a full glass of wine.
  • These are just a few suggestions I have found helpful in battling the holiday weight war. In the end, it all comes down to being focused - on yourself, your goals and enjoying this special time with your loved ones. Stay motivated it your weight loss efforts, but don't be so focused that you let the holidays pass you by without enjoying them. The point is to be with your friends and family, and have fun, not to be constantly on-guard against eating something "bad". And what if you do indulge? Don't be your own personal Grinch! Ease up and be kind to yourself. Berating yourself will spell failure; forgiving yourself will assure continued weight loss success. Remember: tomorrow is a always brand new day, every time it happens!

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