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Low-Carb Snacks

Calorie-Free Valentine's Treats!

Are you searching for a guilt-free gift to bestow upon your beloved? If your significant other is watching their weight... that box of chocolates probably isn't going to be a hit! Why not consider some of these calorie-free treats?

If you are the "giftee" rather than the giver, why not print this page out and leave it somewhere oh-so-casually so your sweetie will just happen to run across it? ;-)

  • She’ll love a gift basket filled to the brim with foam bath, shower gel, candles and lotion. Custom make it with scents based on personal preferences like her favorite flower or her favorite sweet like toasted coconut.
  • Make a donation to her favorite charity in her honor or in the memory of someone she loved. For example, if she’s an animal lover, you could make a memorial to the local pet shelter in memory of a childhood pet.
  • Write each other a love letter as if you were professing your love for the very first time. Better still, write a poem or a love song and then serenade your beloved!
  • Love a chocoholic? Send some truly fat- and calorie-free virtual chocolate with e-cards, screensavers and the like at Virtual Chocolate.com.
  • Make "coupons" on your computer’s word processor that he can redeem year-round for special treats that only you can provide. Be sure to include the unexpected.
  • As featured on television and movies for a while now, most recently in Mandy Moore’s film, A Walk to Remember, you really can name a star after her. Visit starregistry.com to find out how.
  • Keep those tootsies comfy and warm with a nice pair of bedroom slippers. Wrap him up with love in a new robe in a luxurious silk or toasty flannel.
  • Make a compilation CD with your computer’s CD burner of all her favorite songs and those that have meant something special to both of you in your relationship.
  • And drum roll, please… last but not least… smooch! Researchers say the average kiss burns about 26 calories per minute! Pucker up!

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