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Easy Ways to Lose Weight: What You Eat


Updated May 29, 2014

Losing weight is not easy. You will never hear me say that it is. It takes dedication, motivation and hard work. But by making a few easy changes you can get the ball rolling on losing weight.

First up, let's take a look at some simple ways to make significant improvements in your diet.

    If foods like burgers are basic to your current diet, cutting out red meat can go a long way in helping you make healthier meal choices and losing weight.
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    By building your meals around healthy types of fish and poultry, you can more easily keep temptation at bay.  You should also make better choices at fast food restaurants to keep fat calories in check.   To keep your shellfish, fish, chicken, and turkey diet-friendly, be sure to choose the right preparation method (That's the next tip!). Be wary of creamy, high-cal condiments like tartar sauce or "special sauce" on grilled chicken sandwiches.
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    Keep your healthier choices truly healthy by grilling, baking, roasting, broiling or boiling them.
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    • Keep things interesting by adding low-cal condiments to your usual fare. A tangy barbecue sauce will give boiled chicken a kick. Lemon-herb dressing will complement broiled fish deliciously.
    • Set up your kitchen for weight loss.  Keep it  stocked with plenty of herbs and spices so you can doctor up your favorite dishes to your own taste without adding any additional fat or calories. Plant an herb garden and you'll never run out!
    • If you often eat fast food, forget that "value meals" and "combos" even exist; they seem like a better deal, but they're just not worth the extra calories! Stick to a grilled chicken sandwich or a small, plain hamburger and a side salad (watch the dressing!) when you're on the run.
    Having a salad or cup of soup for starters can be an at-home habit that pays off in pounds-lost. They can curb your hunger, prevent overeating and control portions, all of which are crucial to losing weight.
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    • Choose a broth- or tomato-based soup like minestrone (rather than a cream- or milk-based choice). Vegetable soup made with broth, stock, or tomato soup is ideal, because the veggies will help fill you up and give you a fiber and nutrition boost.
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    • Top your salad with low-cal dressing or balsamic vinegar. If you love creamy dressings, make your own at home to limit fat and calories. An added plus of having a salad before every meal is getting more fiber which will also help you feel fuller sooner. Be sure to include lots of veggies and dark mixed greens like spinach in your salads.
    Instead of reaching for the cookie jar or helping yourself to dessert after meals, make a point to finish off with naturally-sweet fruit instead of sinfully-sweet treats. Not only will you save fat and calories, you will also have the added benefit of extra vitamins, minerals and fiber. Few of us eat as much fruit as is recommended.

    In time, you will become accustomed to foregoing sweets and you'll look forward to your healthier treat just as much.
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