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Women: Get Strong, Get Slim!


Updated May 30, 2014

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Women, it's time to add strength training to your exercise regimen! Strength training brings many benefits, including helping you lose weight more efficiently, toning your muscles up and decreasing your chance of injury. Strength training can also help you look leaner overall (muscle takes up less space than fat) and it's a great way to firm up trouble spots like "bat wings" on your arms.


There is a myth that using weights can cause women to bulk up, but the fact is, using light or medium weights will not have this effect. So, if visions of a burly body builder pop into your head when you think of strength training, it's time to change your mind, because getting stronger will help you get slim quicker than aerobic exercise alone.

Burn, Baby, Burn!
Research has shown that those who followed a strength training program for two months burned, on average, about 200 calories more per workout than those whose exercise regimen did not include strength training.

The benefits of strength training even continue when you're at rest. Your metabolism stays raised for some time after you workout, even if you are inactive. While some questionable diet supplements may promise to help you "lose weight while you sleep," exercise keeps that promise!

More Reasons to Pump it Up
Building muscle brings plenty of additional benefits, including:

Getting Started
You can do a simple strength training program at home with basic exercises that require little to no equipment. You can also do your own modified version of weight lifting with household items if you can't afford a set of dumb bells right now: Hold a can of soup in each hand and do some chest-flies and curls. Move up to heavier items a little bit at a time at a time. Try filling up a small milk or water bottle with some sand or kitty litter and then increase the amount in time.
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