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Kraft Foods' Improved Focus on Health


Updated: November 10, 2008

July 19, 2003

In response to rising obesity rates around the world, Kraft Foods Inc. has announced that it will initiate a new series of steps to improve four key areas affecting obesity: product nutrition, marketing practices, consumer information and public advocacy and dialogue.

"The rise in obesity is a complex public health challenge of global proportions," said Betsy D. Holden, Co-CEO of Kraft Foods.

"Just as obesity has many causes, it can be solved only if all sectors of society do their part to help. Kraft is committed to product choices and marketing practices that will help encourage healthy lifestyles and make it easier to eat and live better," Holden stated.

The upcoming changes directly affecting product nutrition include:

  • A cap on the portion size of single-serve packages.
  • Guidelines for the nutritional characteristics of all products.
  • A planned effort to improve existing products and provide alternative choices, where appropriate.

Other changes the company plans include: eliminating all in-school marketing; additional information about health and fitness on food labels and company Web sites; and advocacy for appropriate public policies to engage schools and communities in helping to improve fitness and nutrition.

"What people eat is ultimately a matter of personal choice, but we can help make it an educated choice," said Roger K. Deromedi, Co-CEO of Kraft Foods.

"And helping them get more active is every bit as important as helping them eat better. By providing people with products and information they can use to improve their eating and activity behaviors, we can do our part to help arrest the rise in obesity."

Last Updated: November 5, 2005

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