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How to Develop a Better Body Image
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It is possible to look slimmer even without weight loss. These are several important steps to start working on your image improvement.

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Here's How:
  1. Watch your posture.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes to have a better gait.
  4. Choose a shorter hair cut.
  5. Invest in good bodice/lingerie.
  6. Choose solid colors for your clothes.
  7. Choose smaller patterns if you want to wear printed dresses.
  8. Choose vertical lines and strips, avoid horizontal lines.
  9. Choose one-piece clothes or one-color separates.
  10. Choose a darker bottom if you want to a wear a different-color jacket or a skirt and blouse.
  11. Choose a skirt length so that the hemline would be above or below the widest part of your calves.
  12. Choose long or elbow-long sleeves.
  13. Don't wear too bulky or too tight clothes.
  14. Don't overindulge in cosmetics.
  15. Don't wear too much fragrance.


  1. 'In my opinion there is nothing worse than someone wearing too much fragrance.' - beauty.about.com.
  2. 'Sizes mean nothing!! One manufacturer's size 8 is another one's 12. UK sizes look the same as US, but they're not.' - fashion.about.com.
  3. When it comes to body image, there's no quick fix. Consult with a certified image consultant and enroll in an image improving exercise program.

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