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Does Garcinia Cambogia Work for Weight Loss?

This popular diet supplement is widely available but is it worth your money?


Updated July 02, 2014

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Get fully informed before you take a supplement

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I spend quite a bit of time scouring medical journals and nutrition or exercise publications for news about weight loss research.  But sometimes, the most interesting news about dieting is found in tabloids and gossip magazine.  If you want to know what is trending in the world of weight loss, pick up a copy of a gossip magazine and look at the ads.

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Right now, a substance called garcinia cambogia is all the rage. Dieters are buying the product off vitamin store shelves, through mail order catalogs and online.  If you scour the internet, you'll see some bottles for as little as $10 and some for more than $100. 

So what does garcinia cambogia do?  Well, if you believe the ads, it will suppress your appetite, block the absorption of fat and help you lose weight without diet or exercise. And if you believe the ads, all of these claims are backed by scientific research.

Does Garcinia Cambogia Help You Lose Weight?

The problem with garcinia cambogia is the same problem shared by most diet supplements. The research into the product's effectiveness is weak - at best.  Most of the research on garcinia cambogia has been done on rats or mice. 

So does garcinia cambogia work in humans?  There have been some studies on humans and researchers have released mixed opinions about the effectiveness of the supplement for weight loss.  Need more specific information? I put together a list of the most current information about garcinia cambogia along with a careful examination of some of the claims made in garcinia cambogia ads.  Check it out before you make a decision and shell out your own hard earned money.

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