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Malia Frey

Juicing Pros and Cons

By September 19, 2013

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Do you think juicing is good for you? Certainly, if you read health headlines or if you base your decision on the popularity of the juicing fad, then you'd conclude that juicing is not only good for you, but drinking your nutrients can prevent or fix a wide range of ailments. Many people even turn to juicing to lose weight.

A recent issue of ACE Pro Source evaluated the juice trend on a more critical level. The journal is a publication of the American Council on Exercise and provides news and research to professionals in the exercise and nutrition fields.

Several of the registered dietitians interviewed for the story support juicing as a good way to get your recommended intake of fruits and vegetables. Libby Mills, R.D., a spokesperson for Academy of Nutrition of Dietetics added that it's particularly helpful for her clients who are busy and don't have time to prepare fresh veggies and fruit.

But several experts also pointed to the downside of juicing especially for people who want to lose weight. Mills says that stripping away healthy fiber has negative drawbacks when people are trying to eat less and she pointed to a few other reasons that juice drinks are not always a good choice for dieters.

Are you a juice drinker? How do you fit juicing into your weight loss program?

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