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Malia Frey

Healthy Monday Tip - Rethink Breakfast?

By November 12, 2012

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breakfastDo you start each day with a healthy breakfast?  Weight loss experts often recommend starting each day with a good meal and dieters often believe that a well-balanced morning meal will help them jump start their metabolism after the long night's fast.  Right?  Wrong.

Breakfast and Metabolism

There is nothing wrong with eating breakfast and there are certainly benefits to eating a morning meal if you want to lose weight.  But if you are hoping that it will improve your metabolism, you're wrong. In fact, both researchers and practicing registered dietitians will tell you that eating breakfast has no effect on your metabolism.

So why does that fact matter?  It's important to remember that if weight loss is your goal, your total daily calorie intake is what matters in the end.  If you can divide your calories into three or four small meals throughout the day, you'll be more comfortable and more likely to avoid binge eating.  But in the end, the timing of your meals doesn't matter.  The number of calories you consume does.

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